Happening from 25th June — 27th June 2023 in Old Town, Zanzibar

We’re excited to announce that we will host a series of networking and capacity building workshops at the upcoming Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). This is the first in-person event hosted by the ACP-EU Culture Program—Eastern Africa and you’re invited!

Named ZanzIgnite (pronounced Zanz-Ignite), a portmanteau of Zanzibar and Ignite Culture, the 3 day event will be packed with keynote speeches, beneficiary showcasings, capacity building workshops, a mini-tour of Stone Town, a short films showcasing, and a networking cocktail.

It will be a convening of invited Ignite Culture beneficiaries, the HEVA and British Council implementation team, the OACPS and EU delegates, and select local government bodies. Doors to the capacity building workshops will also be open to other attending cultural practitioners and actors. Representatives from other ACP-EU hubs will participate virtually. There will be a live-stream link of the capacity building sessions for others wishing to tune in.

This event will have a special focus on the audio-visual sector. Our panel participants and workshop topics will be announced in the coming days.

a regional networking event by the ACP-EU Culture Program — Eastern Africa

we’ll assess the impact of the ACP-EU Culture Program (EA) so far

beneficiaries will share and learn from each other

open participation in bespoke capacity building sessions

shared experiences from the other ACP-EU Culture hubs

be part of and enjoy the Zanzibar International Film Festival


Stay tuned here and on our social media pages for upcoming details about the programme, capacity building sessions, participants and more!

The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is one of East Africa’s biggest cultural events. The fête, also dubbed as the festival of the dhow countries, will be jam-packed with incredible film exhibitions, workshops, and masterclasses, as well as the return of the Sembene Ousmane Film For Development Awards.

This year’s theme is ‘Finding Identity’ (Kujitambua). It explores what it means to find one’s identity. The festival aims to apply this theme by showcasing a variety of African films that contribute to creating our own African cinema language — our own film identity.