The key motto of the festival is – each one, teach one – and drawing on this we will host regular screenings and media literacy training, developing a community of active youth in film in Zanzibar. These children and youth will be given the platform to act as ambassadors within the community, learning the tools to create and show films telling their own stories.


We want to build knowledge and capacity for Zanzibar youth to create their own films and feel that ZIFF is the perfect platform for achieving this. We have been running filmmaking workshops teaching local young Zanzibari filmmakers’ skills in editing, camera work, script-writing and storytelling. The workshops run over the course of several weeks and students are instructed in the basics of writing, directing, camera and digital editing, and each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits a short film project. During the course participants are mentored by the Festival CEO and Festival Director who are both distinguished African filmmakers who brings a great deal of skills and expertise to festival.

We would like to use funding from UNICEF to purchase filmmaking equipment and develop and editing suite, to ensure that ZIFF can offer these facilities to run these workshops.