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  •  The Zanzibar International Film Festival is currently accepting applications from filmmakers from around the world according to differentcategories of competition.
  • The priority is given to films from Africa and by Africans including African Diaspora.
  • The category INTERNATIONAL will award film from international movie panorama that mainly deals about Africa.
  • ZIFF is also the festival of the Dhow Countries so it opens to films from the region – South East Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, The Persian Gulf, Iran, Pakistan, and the Indian Ocean Islands. These films have their category and prizes in the competition
    Films in competition must be directed or produced from 2016. Work in Progress can be submitted but must be finished by May 2018.
  • ZIFF also reserves the right to accept any films with a specific interest to the festival. We encourage filmmakers to submit works in any genre, features, documentaries, shorts, animation, TV series and music videos.
  • Deadline for submission is 15th March 2018.
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